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"Although at home in Munich Threestyle has meanwhile the status of an International formation. Formed by saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova and guitarist Robert Fertl this musical diamond is worth listening to in any case.

For the new project both could win the following musicians: James L. Manning (bass), Lew Laing (keyboards), Gabriela Konrad (drums, percussion), Damon Dae (vocals), Tim Owens (vocals), Latonya Black Gilliard (vocals), DW3 (vocals), Ashley Sankey (vocals),  Elvis Stanic (guitar) and Robert Vally (bass). From the lineup, it's easy to see that this album has its focus in the vocal realm.

The team has made a point of working out the pieces with the musicians involved. The album opens with Living In This House presenting singer Damon Dae. Dae is the featured vocalist on a total of six tracks, so it's fair to think of him as the main performer on this album. His smoky tenor voice is distinct and puts the album's emphasis on soul and R&B.

As on Just Us, Threestyle sets the instrumental framework in an extremely professional manner while Dae supports his own voice in the chorus in an overdub process. Magdalena has the opportunity to shine with short solos on her sax.

Vocalist Ashley Sankey brings variety to the mix with Hold On To Me. She is known for the R&B album Welcome to E~land from 2018. Hey Love reminds me of Frankey Beverly's Maze with whom Dae shares a pronounced radiance.

Of course, the theme of relationships and love can't be missing in this genre. Call Me tackles this subject with a great deal of emotionality. On If I Could Dae takes on the role of a crooner, accompanied by soft soprano sax and strings, delivering his message of love.

The title song calls for change and thus connecting the hope for Better Days. Everyone attaches a different idea to these words, but the music connects them all. Say A Prayer expresses gratitude that conditions are as they are. Be it a good relationship, the health or the personal security of the partner.

Come to me presents the different timbre of singer Tim "TiO" Owens. He also worked with guitarist U-Nam on the George Benson tribute album Weekend In LA and toured the world with the Al McKay Allstar's "Earth, Wind & Fire Experience" as lead vocalist.

No One Else Would Ever Do features the famous vocal trio DW3. The song sounds so professionally that I assumed it could be the cover of a megahit. This song was previously released on Threestyle's album Perfect Combination (2021).

Lovin On Next To Nothin is interpreted by vocalist Latonya Black Gilliard. No stranger to friends of the group Threestyle. Already in 2017 we could admire her on the album Smooth Ride with the songs Let's Stay Together (an Al Green cover) and Like butta.

Keep It Simple is Damon Dae's final advice for the relationship. Like Butta Baby, here it comes, the second edition of Latonya's song, known by Smooth Ride. The album closes with Time To Shine showcasing Robert Fertl and Elvis Stanic both on guitars spreading some George Benson feelings.

Threestyle offers Soul, R&B and smooth jazz on the album Better Days. A reinterpretation of the band's name. And what's even better, you can hear all the singers not only on the album, but meet them in person on Threestyle's next tour. What more could you want?"

- Starportrait - (April 2022)

"Munich based formation Threestyle is one of the admirable formations that have improved from one album to the next, ultimately reaching world level. Perfect Combination is the absolutely fitting title for their latest work, which will be released at the end of April 2021.

Saxophonist Magdalena Chovancova, guitarist Robert Fertl and drummer Gabriela Chovancova are Threestyle and invite brilliant singer Damon Dae, the amazing singer Latonya Black, the wonderful vocal trio DW3 and the great singer Tim Owens, who we already had the pleasure to present in connection to many albums of guitarist U-Nam.

The album opens with Steppin' Up with which our protagonists Magdalena and Robert rise to true greatness. A song always lives from the timbre of its performer. On Keep It Simple vocalist Damon Dae showcases his impressive voice in a beautiful setting.

Giant is Threestyle's very own presentation with hipness in a sonic journey. Lovin on Next to Nothin is the product of a fruitful collaboration with singer and composer Latonya Black. Latonya is a power-house vocalist with a musical theatre background and also an author of non-fiction books. The horn-infected Beat offers a Tower-of-Power-infused perfect storm.

With Prime Time Threestyle has built a memorable melody which could nestle in the front of the hit parade. No One Else Would Ever Do features the famous vocal trio DW3. The song sounds so professionally that I assumed it could be the cover of a megahit.

Smoothies is the aptly title of a sweet melody carried by sax and guitar in the sense of a sonic spirit. Come 2 Me is a group effort between Threestyle and Tim Owens, who also perfectly performs the song in a breathtaking way. One cannot find a better amalgamation of sax and vocals.

On the title track the group plays with sounds especially in the style of a scat song. The album concludes with the song Vision. Robert cites with his guitar the styles of George Benson, Carlos Santana and Dire Straits. Simply irresistible.

Threestyle's Perfect Combination has all ingredients to become the pick of the litter of new releases in 2021. What an amazing evolution."

 - (April 21,2021)


“Damon Dae is an excellent soul singer, and it's obvious by the passion in his voice that he has real church singing experience, too. These 4 tracks are well produced, and consistently put Dae’s voice front and center.

The opening percussion of, My Beautiful One, brings some of those seminal Marvin Gaye recordings to mind. Dae, however, is a smoother, more restrained singer than Gaye. Ah, but this one is sweet.

The piano work of, Let Me Be the One, is one of the recordings finer elements, but it’s the layered backing vocals that really make it stand out. They’re so good in fact they may make you of yesteryear’s best, such as The Stylistics. 

Dae knows how to work a ballad, but he’s also comfortable with more upbeat fare, such as, World Smile, where he states, “How I love to see you smile." This one also sports excellent backup vocals. Even when the arrangements are stripped down considerably, Dae stands out. Such is the case with, Come Home, which is a sincere and convincing plea for reconciliation.”

- Dan Macintosh, Indie Music Review (Jun 23, 2009)


“Song: Let Me Be The One- CD: Angel Wishes Soundtrack- Great voice, great song, terrific production, slow but grooving! -Indie-Music”

- Indie Music, Indie Music (Feb 24, 2009)


“Hey! I love your song Beautiful One. You're one of the few reasons I joined this site, good music with meaning. Keep it up!”

- Randomsage, Indie Music (May 02, 2009)


“'Someone' features the vocals of Damon Dae and has a catchy melody. Add in the bass of Alex Al and touches of Bautista’s trumpet to go with Simpson’s electric guitar and you have a real show stopper,”

Harvey Cline, Smooth Views ~A quote from a great review of Drew Simpson's "Noteworthy" CD (Feb 05, 2012)


“An amazing performance by the "The Blue Kind" Saturday 21 JAN in Santa Monica. Everyone has got to see this band live! Very well rehearsed and tight! Dueling lead blues guitars phenomenal! Sonically crisp and flawless. After two days at NAMM "The Blue Kind" is what great American Music is all about! Congratulations! ”

- rfisher2012, ifishimage (Jan 23, 2012)


"The listener is not disappointed, with ´Send for Me´, slowing things down to a sultry slow groove before ´You´re the Only One´ brings us back with a steady jolt. This song has Aysha teaming up with Damon Dae and the influences of the likes of Michael McDonald and James Ingram on him are not lost but his voice and his style are truly his own."

- Rob Seddon, ~(A quote from a wonderful review of Aysha's 'Take Me Higher' CD), iTunes, UK

(May 12, 2015)

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