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First releases in 2009 - R&B, Soul, AC

“Damon Dae is an excellent soul singer, and it's obvious by the passion in his voice that he has real church singing experience, too. These 4 tracks are well produced, and consistently put Dae’s voice front and center.

The opening percussion of, My Beautiful One, brings some of those seminal Marvin Gaye recordings to mind. Dae, however, is a smoother, more restrained singer than Gaye. Ah, but this one is sweet.

The piano work of, Let Me Be the One, is one of the recordings finer elements, but it’s the layered backing vocals that really make it stand out. They’re so good in fact they may make you of yesteryear’s best, such as The Stylistics. 

Dae knows how to work a ballad, but he’s also comfortable with more upbeat fare, such as, World Smile, where he states, “How I love to see you smile." This one also sports excellent backup vocals. Even when the arrangements are stripped down considerably, Dae stands out. Such is the case with, Come Home, which is a sincere and convincing plea for reconciliation.”

- Dan Macintosh, Indie Music Review (Jun 23, 2009)

Collaborations - Smooth Jazz

Damon and smooth jazz artist Aysha, wrote and recorded the duet song ‘You’re The Only One,’ released in 2015, you will find this song on her album ‘Take Me Higher’.  Additionally, Damon has collaborated with Jazz Guitarist Drew Simpson. They wrote and recorded song ‘Someone,’ released in 2011, which you will find on Drew’s album ‘Noteworthy’.

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