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It is always a New Day with Damon Dae, singer-songwriter, uniquely his own and always with passion, he continues to write, sing, and perform new original songs.

The wait is over... a NEW R&B album releases on April 4th, 2023!  This incredible album is titled 'AMAZING' and holds all original songs by Damon Dae with great collaboration of production, music & lyrics. There are 11 tracks total which includes a bonus track of song 'Amazing' featuring the talented saxophonist, Magdalena Chovancova of ThreeStyle.

In April 2022, a new ThreeStyle album ‘Better Days’, with seven new original, collaborations of Damon Dae and incredibly talented ThreeStyle – Magdalena Chovancova and Robert Fertl.  This album also includes the already released ‘Keep It Simple.'   The year 2022 ended in positive reflection and brought in the new year of 2023 with encouragement and support with the new release of holiday song 'Fly High' and is the newest collaboration of Damon Dae & ThreeStyle.

The successful original Christmas song ‘Our Christmas’ released in November of 2021 and was Billboard’s # most added, #3 on Holiday Charts, and won the Global Music Award, Silver Medal for "Outstanding Achievement".  Also, a winner of the LIT Talent Awards, Gold Winner for "Best Christmas Music". 

‘Keep It Simple’ was Damon’s first collaboration with ThreeStyle and was #1 on the WAVE.FM of Southern Ontario, Canada radio for three weeks and is on ThreeStyle’s album ‘Perfect Combination’, released April 2021.

Damon’s most current public performances has been with his band Resurrection Road, established with guitarist Jed Ojeda in 2017 and is known for their fresh soulful rock-blues music. All original songs, Resurrection Road feat. Damon Dae has performed from 2018 through 2022 at a couple of local venues and is currently back in the studio rehearsing for more upcoming shows.

​Other incredibly talented artists have collaborated with Damon such as smooth jazz artist Aysha. Both wrote and recorded the duet song ‘You’re The Only One,’ released in 2015, you will find this song on her album ‘Take Me Higher’.  Additionally, Damon has collaborated with Jazz Guitarist Drew Simpson. They wrote and recorded song ‘Someone,’ released in 2011, which you will find on Drew’s album ‘Noteworthy’.


Mostly known for his original New-Old School Soul, R&B, Adult Contemporary music, Damon released his first two albums ‘My Life’ and ‘Angel Wishes’-Soundtrack, in 2009.  As always, compelled and consistently busy with his unique genre, Damon has been in collaboration with Global Sound Entertainment Artist/Producer Sean Christopher Thomas (AKA Barney Rubble) for another R&B release still to come.

With Damon Dae’s easily identifiable sultry tenor voice, no matter what genre he writes, sings, and performs, he can take a melody and make you soar; make you submit and make you sing along. He will make you dance up a sweat and then melt you with a ballad…no matter what, he is always giving you something you can feel.

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