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 Collaborations with  ThreeStyle - Magdalena Chovancova, Robert Fertl and Gabriela Chovancova

As a songwriter, Damon's lyrics, melodies work in perfect combination with ThreeStyle's beautiful music and arranging.  As a soul singer, his sultry voice seems to fit right in with the Smooth Jazz sound.

'Fly High'

A new Holiday song released 12.12.2022, on all your favorite music platforms!!

THREESTYLE feat. Damon Dae
Fly High
Released 12/2022

ThreeStyle Better Days Artwork 002 3500.jpg

Better Days

Living In This House

Just Us

Call Me

Say A Prayer

Keep It Simple

Hey Love

Time To Shine

THREESTYLE feat. Damon Dae - Seven new songs & collaboration with ThreeStyle on New album 'BETTER DAYS'!

Released 4/4/22 on your favorite music platforms.  Song 'Keep It Simple' is also on 'BETTER DAYS'

IMG_2621 (2).JPG

THREESTYLE feat. Damon Dae

Our Christmas

Released 11/2021

ThreeStyle Perfect Combination  2021.jpe

THREESTYLE feat. Damon Dae

Keep It Simple

Released 4/2021

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